The Flight Path

I had a GREAT running week and we capped it off with a 9.3 run around the airport.
It's Victoria's newest trail and it's called The Flight Path.

It was pretty cold this morning but the trail is mostly in the sun, so happily we both warmed up pretty quickly.

It's a pretty flat run ... there was only one significant hill that I can remember. Which was nice, 'cause it makes things easy, but flat can get a bit boring, too.

We decided that this run is perfect for a sunny fall or winter day when you just need to get out and get some sun. Usually I run through the forest and it can be pretty cold in there.

Here's Les looking very fit at the start of our run.

This is the Pat Bay seaplane base. I didn't see any planes on the water but there were lots of boats.

This is alongside Mills Road and is the only hill I remember. Can you see Les waaaay back there? Guess where I am ~ hee hee. And just in case you're a little confused, he's running TOWARDS me!

This isn't the greatest airplane pic but I had to post at least one. Obviously they were everywhere. It was really cool because they were super low and at one point a jet just swooped up over this hill coming right towards me. I tried to get a pic but wasn't quick enough.

And here we are at the end of our run.

BTW, Max is now 11 years old! He has a bit of arthritis in his front legs but he's taking all sorts of healthy goodies, plus pain meds, plus a monthly injection to help build up his cartilage. We don't usually take him on anything longer than about a 6k run (and only slow ones at that), but it was such a beautiful day and he was full of piss and vinegar so off we went.

And just look at that smile on his face!

Happy running!


It's been 2 years ...

... since I posted on My Running Shortz!

Umm...time flies:)

The reason I haven't been posting is because I got a little side-tracked with my design business. AND because I've been getting a little lazy with my running.

I've been running lots; I just haven't taken it too seriously and I've pretty much stopped running races.

BUT that's all going to change.

I just finished the 10k Bear Mtn. race with Sandy and my husband (he's not in the pic because I lost my bib and he drove down the mountain to find it ... whole other weird story).

Back to the race.

Neither of us was race ready or even 10k ready. So we decided to run it at an easy pace and walk up all the hills. The hills are LONG and STEEP in this race. I'm not just talking itty bitty ones.

So that's what we did and it worked out pretty well. We finished in 1:05 and some change.
Not bad.

But the best part of the race is that it's totally motivated me to recommit to my running. I even started subscribing to Runner's World again. How's that for commitment?

Happy running!


If you go down to the woods today ...

... you might see this beauty.

We were out running through the forest about an hour ago and were treated to this:

From Wikipedia
A Great Horned owl was pressed against the tree trunk while three ravens were dive-bombing it. We could hear the other members of his family hooting nearby.

I was a little worried, but a bird watcher was there and said this happens a lot and the owl would be just fine. He said it was a young one but about 2 feet tall and wasn't in any danger.

Another reason why I love running through the trees!